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Hauling Out

Before we left Grenada a few months ago, we were singing the boatyard blues, hauling out to fix a few things and get some fresh bottom paint on Mary Christine.

haul out 2014-1

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Carriacou Round Two

After our mini vacation to St. Vincent and the Grenadines, we checked out of the country at Union Island and sailed back South to Carriacou.

Our friends Mike and Rebecca on One Love were making the same passage so we snagged a few photos as they passed us.



Somewhere along the way, Peter decided to check the fishing lines. We had two out and there is usually Sargassum weed tangled around the lures. It seems to be everywhere between the Caribbean Islands, making trolling for fish a real chore.

Just as he was bringing in the cedar plug, he got a bite not more than 10 feet from the boat and the fish took off! I leaped up to slow the boat down and bring in the other line while Peter reeled his in. Just then, we both saw it jump. He had hooked a gorgeous Sailfish! Sailfish are “highly prized game fish, and are known for their incredible jumps and great speed. They can swim 100 m in 4.8 sec.” Read more

The Grenadines: First stop, Union Island

Spending the summer in Grenada was hardly boring. Every night was just as exhausting as the next and we had no trouble finding things to keep us busy.

In September, our friends Patty and Luis on SV Brett Ashley took a mini vacation with us up to the Grenadines. We checked out of Grenada, left Mt. Hartman Bay and made our way to Union Island to check into St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

to union-1

We passed Hog Island and Prickly Bay. Both were packed with sailboats waiting out the rest of Hurricane Season at a safe 12-degrees North.

to union-3 to union-2

A few gorgeous rainbows made an appearance.

to union-4to union-6to union-8

Easy day.

to union-5to union-7

It was a leisurely sail along the Grenadian coastline with only a few passing ships…

to union-9 to union-10

We arrived at Clifton Harbor on Union Island a couple of hours later than Brett Ashley and darkness was falling. It was our first time into the anchorage so our friends met us in their dinghy and guided us safely around the reefs showing us where it was safe to anchor. This anchorage is best approached in full sun unless familiar with the reefs.

to union-11

One of my favorite sunsets…

to union-18

The next day we got a clear view the area including the neighboring bar on Happy Island built on top of conch shells. The tropical water colors made us feel like we were back in the Bahamas, except with a lot of coconut trees!

to union-13 to union-12to union-14 to union-15 to union-16

Up next… The Tobago Cays!

We are currently anchored in Magen’s Bay, St. Thomas while the north swell is running. Surf’s up in Hull Bay!

Random Photos From Grenada

random grenada-1

Here are a few extra photos from this our Summer in Grenada that didn’t make it into any other posts…

The coastline was gorgeous.

random grenada-2 random grenada-3 random grenada-4 random grenada-5 random grenada-6 random grenada-7 random grenada-9 random grenada-10 random grenada-11 random grenada-12 random grenada-13 random grenada-14 random grenada-15 random grenada-16 random grenada-17 random grenada-18 random grenada-19 random grenada-20 random grenada-21 random grenada-22 random grenada-23 random grenada-24 random grenada-25 random grenada-26 random grenada-27  random grenada-36random grenada-37

We checked the surf at Prickly Bay…

random grenada-30 random grenada-31 random grenada-32

…and spent a lot of time anchored near the Secret Harbor Marina in Mt. Hartman Bay.

random grenada-28random grenada-42random grenada-8

We saw countless rainbows over the anchorage!

random grenada-33

random grenada-34

random grenada-35 random grenada-40random grenada-41

For a totally random photo, take a look at the nasty critters Peter collected when cleaning the bottom of the boat. The anchor chain grew algae that hosted thousands of baby shrimp! Every time we would clean the boat, these little critters would attach themselves to our shorts/swimsuits and hair. They die quick with fresh water but it takes a lot of scrubbing to get them off.

random grenada-38random grenada-39Nex

We are currently in USVI spending time with family and getting ready for the Holidays :)

Grand Etang National Park and Mono Monkeys!

Take a look at some of the photos from our trip up to the Grand Etang National Park in Grenada…

rainforest-1 rainforest-2 rainforest-3 rainforest-4

The Annadale Waterfalls were cool and refreshing.

rainforest-5 rainforest-6 rainforest-7rainforest-9rainforest-11 rainforest-12

On the windy road up into the mountains we caught a spectacular view overlooking St. George. A heavy rainstorm moved swiftly off the hills and we were glad we weren’t down there.


We stopped at Grand Etang Lake, a one of the two crater lakes produced by the extinct volcano in the center of Grenada. Rumor has it this lake is connected to Kick ’em Jenny, the underwater active volcano just North of Grenada. When Kick Em Jenny was observed bubbling, so too were the waters in Grand Etang Lake.

rainforest-24 rainforest-25 rainforest-26 rainforest-27 rainforest-28

Just up the road from the lake was one of the adorable Mono Monkeys. Yes, mono means monkey in Spanish, but in Grenada they call them the Mono Monkeys! :) This little guy was too cute I couldn’t decide on just one photo…

rainforest-29 rainforest-30 rainforest-31 rainforest-32 rainforest-33 rainforest-34 rainforest-35 rainforest-36 rainforest-37 rainforest-38 rainforest-39

We’re enjoying time with family up in the Virgin Islands! Stay tuned as we catch up on photos from our last few months in the Grenadines…