When we decided to sell everything and move away from the concrete jungle, we knew we wanted to travel to far off lands and experience new adventures every day.  Living aboard a sailboat with our little family and all our belongings seemed to be the best and most comfortable way to make it all happen.

Its common knowledge that most of our world is covered in water. According to one of our favorite websites and podcasts, howstuffworks.com, “Oceans are huge. About 70 percent of the planet is covered in ocean, and the average depth of the ocean is several thousand feet (about 1,000 meters). Ninety-eight percent of the water on the planet is in the oceans…” There is SO much ocean that we could travel through, but how would we ever decide on where to go first?

We both love the tropics and prefer to travel by what we call the 80/80/80 Rule:

  • 80° Air Temp
  • 80° Water Temp
  • 80′ Water Visibility

We eventually decided that our passion is to go Where The Coconuts Grow to explore new places by boat. The natural habitat of the Coconut Palm is typically found between 26°N and 26°S. That sounds perfect for us :) Our cruising plans begin in SW Florida, through the Bahamas and Caribbean, and eventually over to Central America. If all goes well, we will continue along the Coconut Belt for a passsage to the South Pacific someday!



  1. Bean says:

    No! No! and No! Just settle in one beautiful place, at least for a bit!!!!! And not too far for me to visit………You know I am not fond of airplanes.

    • Barbara K says:

      What does 80-80-80 rule mean? I’m trying to downsize toward living in a THOW (I’m even currently taking an eCourse on downsizing and transitioning to tiny living), so I think this rule could be helpful.

        • Barbara, glad you found it :) The 80-80-80 rule actually did help me downsize now that I think about it… I just thought of the places I was going to be going to and most of my old belongings would be useless there! I kept things that were sentimental and put them in a small storage space. The rest just didn’t matter to me anymore :) Good luck and stay tuned for a lot more tips and tricks to downsizing, decluttering, reorganizing and prioritizing in preparation to move to a tiny space! Thanks for stopping by to comment!

  2. Marcia Brown says:

    Jody! I don’t get on FaceBook very often so I’ve missed all this! Oh I love it that you guys are doing what you love. I really do.
    Are you working to supplement costs at all?
    I used to cut hair. If sometime we meet, I’ll teach you! I did that for 18 yrs prior to Real Estate…it always will stand you in good stead. Heck, I’ll bet you could go online to learn the basics.
    Tell me how you are and where you are right now.
    I love this for you and…I love YOU!

    • Thanks Marsh!!! We’re not working at the moment but this is a great idea! I would LOVE it if we could meet up again someday :) Please let us know if you are ever traveling where the coconuts grow :)

      • Alex Cook says:

        Dollings, I moved to Sarasota way back in 1963 and thought I had found Nirvana. Problem is all the things I escaped from caught up with me. I’m now 85 years old and escape by writing about how things were and how and how I wish they were. Don’t ever publish where you are, Not even St Thomas or other Places Where the Coconuts Grow or you’ll be crowded out by all the solitude seekers, and Nirvana will be over run by all the people and places you’re glad you left. Write, write, and publish on Kindle, you’ll make enough to keep your bow pointed toward the next floating coconut… Wish I had. Love you, love your looks and wish I were 50 years younger! PapaAl

  3. Mango Eddie says:

    We love the 80 80 80 rule! Never thought about that but it is so perfect! We are trying to get away from the hustle and bustle as well! Hopefully we can make some progress this year!

    • Thanks Mango Eddie!! The rule is working out quite nicely for us now :) We can’t imagine ever leaving this 80-80-80 paradise!! Time will fly for you, good luck with the projects. The Caribbean will still be here when you are ready!

  4. Barbara K says:

    BTW, I learned 80-80-80, which I’d LOVE. Now I just need a seaworthy boat and a sailing partner!

    The eCourse is offered and taught by Mariah Coz of Comet Camper notoriety. It’s called Tiny Transitions and Downsizing. This 3rd lesson/week (of 8) addresses simplifying by digitalizing and other methods.

    Techno-ignorance has my palms sweating. I’m not even sure I can figure out class address to send to you!!! Pathetic, but honest, I know!

    Look for future message from me.

  5. Kristen says:

    80-80-80. Perfect. I just read your post on downsizing on tiny house blog, good stuff! We cruised around the eastern caribbean on our sailboat years ago…so now I’ll live vicariously through your blog. :)

  6. scott h. says:

    hey there, had to look up 80-80-80….very kewl….
    building a boat as we speak…..30′ (30’9″) turns out X 9’6″ trawler….
    no deadlines….just when time and money become available, they seem to be mutually independent of one another at this time…ha.

    keep posting on “tiny” good stuff….blessings to you and yours..

  7. Just discovered your blog/FB page and look fwd to reading more! LUV the 80-80-80 rule and hope to live it ourselves … ASAP! We just began our 5-yr plan for seasonal live-aboard until retirement, on our new Lipari 41 cat – “Breathing Room.” She’ll be chartered out of Annapolis Apr-Oct, then in our relaxed care in the FL Keys from Nov-Apr, til hubby is sprung from his J-O-B. Looking forward to sharing her with others, once hubs retires, as part of our “respite” mission :) Meanwhile, fair winds & following seas to all of the coconut trees!

  8. Ruthie LIle says:

    The cure for anything is salt water – sweat, tears, or the sea. ~Isak Dinesen

    The sea is definitely the cure all for me!!! My hubby and I plan on retiring on a boat and have just discovered the wealth of people and information that exist on the internet, lol! I am so thankful to read your blog and see your posts to encourage us that our “daily grind” is temporary and we are working toward our dream.

    Thank you for sharing!!!!!

  9. Karin says:

    Just found your site, gotta say I love the idea of the 80″s………….and you have the best pictures ever on your blog…………they are so big and so clear and show so much of the beautiful water …………..good luck in the BVI’s , I love it there……..

  10. O&L beach runners says:

    I found your blog through my search for “beach dog leads” and have spent the last hour experiencing your adventures; vivid through your exquisite pictures. I am at the tail end of a divorce from a life of utter excess. I am writing you now from a small rented condo, excessive only in its location, situated on a narrow strip of land between the ocean and bay; all else is pared down to the point of actually seeing what is surrounding me. Just before finding your blog, I wrote a Thanksgiving day email to my close friends, giving thanks to them for enveloping me in their unconditional love and support during what has now been over a year of watching me, in all manor of behavior, because of this self inflicted injury. A message came back “Not a self inflicted injury! A difficult step towards HAPPINESS.” Then, magically, I found your blog. The love and sence of adventure you two share is truly awe inspiring; a feeling that anything is possible. Thank you. I will be visiting you again soon.

  11. O&L beach runners says:

    I realize that this will be shortened but I wanted to clarify to you; the self inflicted injury is divorcing this man, knowing without doubt he would be unmercifully vindictive, stonewalling to make me pay for this unthinkable act towards him, for as long as he can.

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