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Grand Etang National Park and Mono Monkeys!

Take a look at some of the photos from our trip up to the Grand Etang National Park in Grenada…

rainforest-1 rainforest-2 rainforest-3 rainforest-4

The Annadale Waterfalls were cool and refreshing.

rainforest-5 rainforest-6 rainforest-7rainforest-9rainforest-11 rainforest-12

On the windy road up into the mountains we caught a spectacular view overlooking St. George. A heavy rainstorm moved swiftly off the hills and we were glad we weren’t down there.


We stopped at Grand Etang Lake, a one of the two crater lakes produced by the extinct volcano in the center of Grenada. Rumor has it this lake is connected to Kick ’em Jenny, the underwater active volcano just North of Grenada. When Kick Em Jenny was observed bubbling, so too were the waters in Grand Etang Lake.

rainforest-24 rainforest-25 rainforest-26 rainforest-27 rainforest-28

Just up the road from the lake was one of the adorable Mono Monkeys. Yes, mono means monkey in Spanish, but in Grenada they call them the Mono Monkeys! :) This little guy was too cute I couldn’t decide on just one photo…

rainforest-29 rainforest-30 rainforest-31 rainforest-32 rainforest-33 rainforest-34 rainforest-35 rainforest-36 rainforest-37 rainforest-38 rainforest-39

We’re enjoying time with family up in the Virgin Islands! Stay tuned as we catch up on photos from our last few months in the Grenadines…