Random Photos From Grenada

random grenada-1

Here are a few extra photos from this our Summer in Grenada that didn’t make it into any other posts…

The coastline was gorgeous.

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We checked the surf at Prickly Bay…

random grenada-30 random grenada-31 random grenada-32

…and spent a lot of time anchored near the Secret Harbor Marina in Mt. Hartman Bay.

random grenada-28random grenada-42random grenada-8

We saw countless rainbows over the anchorage!

random grenada-33

random grenada-34

random grenada-35 random grenada-40random grenada-41

For a totally random photo, take a look at the nasty critters Peter collected when cleaning the bottom of the boat. The anchor chain grew algae that hosted thousands of baby shrimp! Every time we would clean the boat, these little critters would attach themselves to our shorts/swimsuits and hair. They die quick with fresh water but it takes a lot of scrubbing to get them off.

random grenada-38random grenada-39Nex

We are currently in USVI spending time with family and getting ready for the Holidays :)


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