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The Belmont Estate Part 2: Cocoa Beans and Nutmeg

The Grenada Chocolate Company makes delicious chocolate ‘from tree to bar’ right here in Grenada!

We took a tour of Belmont Estate with our friends David, Toutou, Maya and Tyler on Four Coconuts during the island’s annual Chocolate Week in July.

belmont cocoa-4belmont cocoa-38

We learned about how the cocoa beans are processed…

belmont cocoa-10belmont cocoa-2belmont cocoa-11 belmont cocoa-3 belmont cocoa-6 belmont cocoa-7 belmont cocoa-8belmont cocoa-12 belmont cocoa-14 belmont cocoa-15 belmont cocoa-16 belmont cocoa-17belmont cocoa-22belmont cocoa-23

And also how mace and nutmeg are processed.

belmont cocoa-18 belmont cocoa-19belmont cocoa-24belmont cocoa-27 belmont cocoa-28 belmont cocoa-30belmont cocoa-25 belmont cocoa-35

We sampled an EXCELLENT local chocolate drink that’s 10-times better than the hot chocolate we grew up with from the U.S.

belmont cocoa-36

And we tried samples of the final product… locally made gourmet dark chocolate!

belmont cocoa-37 belmont cocoa-39

Kelly was our excellent and cheery guide.

belmont cocoa-40 belmont cocoa-43 belmont cocoa-44 belmont cocoa-45 belmont cocoa-48belmont cocoa-41belmont cocoa-42 belmont cocoa-49 belmont cocoa-50 belmont cocoa-51 belmont cocoa-52

And of course we had to take home a few souvenirs :)

belmont cocoa-53 belmont cocoa-54 belmont cocoa-55

Up next… The Goat Dairy!!!

St. Kitts: White House Bay and Salt Plage

Back in July we were glad to get away from Basseterre where the local ferry remained at anchor. We cruised down the St. Kitts coastline toward White House Bay. Interesting architecture scattered the lush and green hillsides. A thick layer of fog blanketed the mountain tops.

st kitts scenic-2st kitts scenic-3 st kitts scenic-4 st kitts scenic-5 st kitts scenic-6 st kitts scenic-7 st kitts scenic-8 st kitts scenic-9 st kitts scenic-10 st kitts scenic-11st kitts scenic-1 st kitts scenic-12

Nestled into White House Bay is the newly built bar and grill, Salt Plage. We took a ride in with our friends Dustin and Courtney on Captiva for some small bites and tied up at the gorgeous dinghy dock.

The service was exceptional, the food was delicious and the surroundings idyllic. This new beach bar is just a preview of the ultra-exclusive Christophe Harbour currently under development on this part of the Island.

st kitts scenic-21st kitts scenic-14 st kitts scenic-15 st kitts scenic-16st kitts scenic-19 st kitts scenic-17st kitts scenic-20st kitts scenic-13 st kitts scenic-18

What a relief we felt to finally be back in a calm and quiet anchorage!!

st kitts scenic-22