Breaking the Silence

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The seemingly never-ending silence on the blog has been like a dull ache in the back of my mind, paired with a quiet whisper begging me to find a little extra time to write again. Ever since our big announcement, Peter and I have been working like dogs, with only a small handful of days off per month which doesn’t leave much time for the things I enjoy like writing blog posts and editing photos. When Peter finds time to surf, I sleep.

From the middle of December we’ve been going full speed ahead taking charter guests out almost every day. We provision in the morning with food, drinks and ice, making sure we are fully stocked up to prepare snacks, a huge buffet lunch, sodas, beer and unlimited rum punch all day long. Peter keeps a careful watch on the engine maintenance and we both make sure the boat is clean inside and out. The number of guests have been anywhere from 2-25 people per day, ages ranging from 3 months to 100 years and from excellent swimmers to those that can’t swim at all. We take people sailing and snorkeling, rain or shine, and we make sure they have a safe and fun-filled day.

Mom recently came to visit, staying on our boat with us for a whole month. She went to work with us most days and rested on our boat other days. I think she’s really the only one that has witnessed just how hard we work. She saw us wearing all of our many hats as bartenders, tour guides, captain/crew, snorkeling instructors, lifeguards, chefs, babysitters, entertainers, cashiers, accountants, merchandise salespersons, booking coordinators, plumbers, mechanics, and janitors. Between the blood, sweat and sheer exhaustion, she got to see us doing whatever it takes to keep living the lifestyle we do. She also got to see the wind fill our sails, the sun kiss our cheeks and she saw the pure joy we felt whenever we got to jump in the warm blue water. No one gets our love for this lifestyle as much as her. (Wish you were here tonight, Mom!)

We work hard to play hard. That’s how the saying goes, right? Well, it couldn’t be more true for us. By the time we get home at night it’s dark and my body sometimes won’t let me stand long enough to cook a meal in the galley. Our dinners usually consist of something that can just be popped in the oven, or we end up going to one of the three local restaurants in West End that are within reach by dinghy. Forget about laundry, or cleaning, or dishes. Yeah, posting photos and writing blog posts follow somewhere behind those things… Then our heads hit our pillows (Betsy too!) and we fall fast asleep only to get up the next morning and do it all over again.

But, we get to live in the Caribbean – the British Virgin Islands to be more specific – on our sailboat, with our dog, where we can live by the 80-80-80 rule. We knew we’d have to work again someday and that someday has already whirled right past us. I honestly have NO idea how it’s already May! But we’re here, coming up on three years since moving aboard our boat, and we’re still doing whatever it takes to make this lifestyle work for us. Some people buy a boat and go cruising for a year or two, then go back to their previous lives on land. For Peter and I, our old lives just don’t make sense anymore. We were trapped in the rat race with no end in sight. For now, our plan is to keep following our dreams and keep doing whatever it takes to make it work.

So if you’ve been wondering what we’ve been up to, just imagine us in one of our many hats while we work for tips trying to fill our cruising kitty ;)

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  1. s/v sionna says:

    Fascinating read, and very timely for us. Nicki and I leave for our first extended (8 months) commuter cruise in August, with plans for a 5 month work break before heading out again. Our recent discussions have included the topic of working in our preferred cruising area – anywhere south of 25 N! Work your tail off then sail away sounds possible!

  2. Vgranny says:

    I am wondering if some of the constant busy is seasonal. Maybe you will get a break later in the year. I think about you out there all the time.

  3. So great that you found time for an update. Good to hear you guys are staying busy and the time is flying – that just means you’ll have that kitty filled before you realize it!

    Will follow along on FB and Instagram as always, for the gorgeous pics you do get time for. Thanks again for the update!

  4. patrick says:

    It is great to hear from you guys, we so love your posts Jody. They truly make me feel as if I am there. It is a beautiful life you are leading and maybe one day Stacy and I will be able to come visit. Give a big hug to Peter and Betsy for us

  5. scotth777 says:

    “No longer makes sense”! that is the relevant phrase… guys are living the moment….until, it no longer makes sense. having a solid foundation of self-awareness is something the vast majority of people do not possess. go get’m tiger.

  6. Urban Nomads says:

    I don’ t know about this. Sounds like in exchange for one rat race you have created another in pursuit of your dream. Having fallen for this myself many times I think it is something to be avoided if at all possible. Joy and peace should the goal not exhaustion. Maybe some balance is in order.

  7. Quinn says:

    What a great post! My husband Ben and I, aboard Wanderlust, are in the same situation. We’ve reached our threshold to start working again, but the truth is we can’t ever go back to the cubicles of our old lives! We’re brainstorming about what the next leg of our careers looks like, but haven’t quite figured it out yet. Glad to hear that folks such as yourself are in the same “boat!” Thanks for sharing, and maybe we’ll see you in the VIs.

    • scotth777 says:

      from a “failed hippie” this is my perception that I try to inculcate into my children’s lives……”just because you have been modeled a wage slave/entrepreneurial mentality by your parents, does not mean that, there is only one way to live! Had I known then, what I know NOW…you would have been born in the back of a VW bus on a trip from the tip of Argentina to Alaska!” Both daughters get it, however as kittens begin to explore, they are getting sucked into the American dream…. good neighborhood, 3/2 with garage, 2 cars, schools etc….you can lead a horse to water…..however, you CAN salt their oats!

      Drink from the firehose of life…. do it ALL!
      Everyday is a gift, use it well.
      Experiential vs Materialism!!!!!!

  8. Wonderful photo, Jody, and a great ‘peek behind the curtain’ to see how you and Peter create magical experiences for those who sail with you. I know all too well how much hard work it takes to make something appear effortless, and you guys do it well. You are giving your guests experiences they’ll treasure, and we thank you. Stay safe and be well…. — Lori

  9. HaleyH says:

    A ha, I don’t miss those days! Granted, I did it on a larger boat than what you’re on and part of the not missing it is the not missing dealing with all the other crew and their BS. My husband is currently in Harbour Island in the Bahamas on the little 70 footer he captains. I miss the destinations, I don’t miss the work. I’m glad to see you’re still loving it! But finding balance is hard especially when you’re bone tired at the end of an 18 hour day. Best of luck! I look forward to staying abreast of your future adventures.

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