How do we make our Sail Loot?


You all know our story. A few years ago Peter and I decided to buy a boat, quit our jobs, and sail away. Something we haven’t really talked about, however, is how we can afford to live this lifestyle!

We were absolutely honored when Teddy from the Sail Loot Podcast wanted to feature our story on his website. I feel terrible how long it actually took for our schedules to align. With the best of intentions, we made several attempts to find a strong enough wifi connection to complete the interview over Skype. We tried few places in Grenada during the last hurricane season but the signal was never great and we knew we would need a solid hour of connectivity. Upon finally arriving back to USVI we used our U.S. LTE cell signal and chatted with Teddy for almost an hour and a half.

Although it felt like it had taken eons to complete the interview, the most relevant part of our story was still a secret! Teddy’s patience was amazing and he agreed to wait to publish our interview after we got the clearance to go ‘live’ with the news. After being at the mercy of BVI Government Officials on Island Time since April, just last week we were finally able to make our big announcement.

We burned through almost three years of savings and the time has come to make some more loot for our sailing adventures as the new crew of Aristocat Charters! Running daysails in BVI is going to rejuvenate our bank account, ultimately allowing us to continue living our dream and sharing this lifestyle with as many people as we can.

If you’ve got some time to kill (or if you just want to hear our voices), lend your ear to hear our story on Sail Loot: Episode 031

Thanks again Teddy! You Rock!


  1. Dana Serpico says:

    Hey There our BVI Coconut loving captains! Greetings from the blistery cold confines of Chi-Town! Although we returned to the brutal winter weather, Tony, Gabbi and I are all still enjoying (in our hearts and minds) the great warmth we experienced aboard the Aristocat the day after New Year’s! It was the most fabulous week- but nothing could top our first day spent with you! I wrote a review on Trip Advisor tonight and just finished peeking through your blog and website photos. It all just makes me smile! We wish you a blissful and safe 2016, look forward to your new blog posts and also the day when we return for another fabulous five star experience! Meantime…. always know that our doors are wide open if you return to land and want to visit our fabulous city! Summertime in Chicago is awesome and we would love to swap titles as your hosts! Happy 80/80/80 Trails!

    Kiss Betsy for us!

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