Petit St. Vincent

On the way to Petit St. Vincent, we passed by the tiny little sand covered island, Mopion. Just one lone umbrella stands on shore with clear warm water surrounding it. Charter boats usually anchor near by and dinghy in to take pictures.


Highly recommended by our friends, we stayed a night anchored off of Petit St. Vincent. Commonly referred to as PSV, this private island does not have many services available to cruisers. There’s a dock, Beach Restaurant, Goaty’s Bar and the Boutique that can be visited during the high season, but otherwise we are restricted to the beach. No wandering around off the main path past the signs is allowed. Spa treatments and cottage tours can be arranged by appointment only.

If you’d like to rent the entire island, it’s just $15,000 per night. No big deal.












Luis and Patty on Brett Ashley anchored with us again. Luis was stoked to have perfect kiting conditions and a lovely beach to launch from.



Heroes in a half-shell? Turtle power!










Our friend Steve and his guests were anchored with us too aboard one of our sisterships, Lunacy.




The current was swift and the winds were strong. Peter lost his favorite hat overboard but the current swept it away too fast.

Overall, it was a very pretty beach but I would prefer the Tobago Cays any day!


What’s your favorite island in the Grenadines?

We are currently in the USVIs while Peter completes the courses needed for his USCG 100 ton Near Coastal Masters Captain’s license.


  1. Aunt Penny says:

    Sweet Jody…you continue to impress us all with your perfectly beautiful photos…love the shadows on the beach…you draw us in with your writing…we get that OH NO!! feeling as we read faster to know you are safe. We love and miss you! P, M & Meg

  2. nancysauldemers says:

    I agree with your preference of the Tobago Cays over PSV “any day” but would put Mayreau at the top of my list in the Grenadines, even above the Cays.

  3. Jed Haley says:

    Hey Jody,
    I’ve been following in and out for several weeks…. just wanted to say that I think your photography is AWESOME. I wish I had an eye for composition like you do…. keep teasing us with your life on the water…..
    That was rude,,, let me introduce myself…. I’m Jed Haley. I live in Western North Carolina, by way of Pompano Beach, Florida. I too, like Peter, am a water rat. I grew up on the water in Fla, fishing, diving, running boats. I had minimal sailing experience growing up, but just enough to apply to what later became ownership of a ’31 Pearson in the Florida Keyes several years ago. While spending time on a mooring getting my sea legs back I realized through the stories of the other local liveaboards, that cruising would someday be the life for me. I’d backpacked the world after college in the early 90’s and learned that there’s much more to life than what our ‘American Dream’ had to offer, but like so many got sucked in to the grind…. My plan was simple…. sell it all and be on a boat in 2 years. It all depended on selling my business-rental real estate….. then the economy crashed… no sale… no $$…. no boat….. no dream….
    Now it’s 6 years later. Things are recovering, values are picking up and properties are starting to move…. the itch has started again…. I’ve started to follow the sailing blogs a bit whereas before I couldn’t. The crew on Delos, Untie the Lines, and yourselves have got me trying to put the plan together again. Hopefully, and I’m sure you’ve heard it a hundred times, hopefully I can figure out how to make it happen in the next year or two. In the meantime, keep teasing me,,,,er, I mean us,,,,,er,,,, all of us,,,, who are wishing that we were out there with you…..

    P.S: Coincidentally, when the economy crashed and the plan went out the window, my girlfriend and I have ended up spending our last 3 winters in your old neck of the woods. My gf’s daughter moved to Solana Beach/Del Mar with the grandkids for work. When winter hits NC we get outta dodge for water weather. Our first year out we got “hired” as camphosts at San Elijo State Beach in Cardiff. We have ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!! Southern Calif. is GREAT!!! We’ll be out here until Feb. 24th and then it will be back to the “grind”. Tell Peter I’ll be thinking of you guys next time I go to “Bull Taco” — in the morning for breakfast….

    We look forward to each new posting. Hope to maybe see you out there one day…

    Jed Haley

    • Hi Jed!
      Wow thank you so much for taking the time to contact us! North County San Diego sure is a special place :) If we weren’t in the Caribbean, I wouldn’t mind being back there! What fun you must have had at the campground!! We’re jealous of the yummy tacos, it’s been a long time since we’ve had good Mexican Food :)

      We understand your frustrations with the economy troubles, just try not to let it get you down. We’re stoked to hear you’re keeping the dream alive and we sincerely hope to see you down in the islands sooner rather than later!! Keep in touch, and thanks again for all the kind words :)
      -Jody and Peter

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