The Best of Intentions

As much as I want to write a new blog post every day, it just never happens. I have such high hopes for my time management. I dream about the times when I used to be able to sit down with my laptop and get lost in my thoughts.  The truth is that Brig gets busier with each passing day and there’s always something more pressing that needs to get done. To be fair, we have literally been on the move for more than a year.  Ever since Hurricane Irma hit, we’ve been traveling and bouncing around from house to house by plane, by car, and by boat almost nonstop.  Unexpected events pop up at every turn. As if a 17 month old baby wasn’t enough to keep me from blogging!

We finally got back to our boat about a month ago after spending some more time in the states for my grandmother’s memorial and to allow us to be out of the Caribbean during Hurricane Season. We began sailing North to get back to St Thomas but weather has kept us longer than planned. We’re still currently stuck in St Kitts for just a couple more days. On Monday we hope we can make the final 24 hour push to get back home and FINALLY get settled. It feels like its been SUCH a long time coming.  We can finally find a routine and nave a little normalcy in our lives.  I think I need it more than anyone.  Brig has been such a trooper through it all and I’m so proud of him.

Peter will go back to work full time for Paradise Yacht Management in St Thomas managing the maintenance on their fleet of charter catamarans.  It’s a great company and Peter really enjoys working with those guys so he’s excited to get back too.  I will be staying home with Brig and I HOPE to get some projects of my own finally taken care of.  There are SO many sewing projects on my list and I have tons of blog content I want to finally get posted. Brig is in the process of transitioning from two naps down to one so I hope I can finally get a solid chunk of time to myself during the day.  Am I just dreaming again? Maybe. We shall see.

I know there are many of you that only visit the website and blog but don’t “do” social media. Please remember to check out our Instagram and Facebook pages even if you don’t have accounts there.  You can still see our public photos. I post updates about our adventures on those sites WAY more often than I post here right now so head on over to get your dose of coconuts :)





  1. Nancy says:

    Keep writing! I get caught up in life as well and have all kinds of drafts started , just can’t seem to find the time to post! Ha ha !
    We keep up with you and the family! Love the Instagram pics. Our boat is in Grenada we’ll return to in 2 weeks, so getting last minute things done and waiting patiently to return to the water!
    Apparently Sailing

  2. Ayla says:

    Lovely update and I totally understand where you are at with the 17 month old! It’s all you can do to keep up with them as they develop and learn quicker than you can even keep track of. Good luck with the one nap thing, always the best one to two hours of my day! Lol.
    Does brig get to run off some of his energy? I’m curious how it is for you guys at anchor just because I know Evelyn gets her daily exercise off the boat since we are dockside and I’m in town with her to keep her engaged in the morning, which makes for wonderful afternoon naps.

  3. Owen Ellis says:

    Love these blogs. I owned several sailboats in my life, sailed the Pacific, Atlantic the Keys and many inland lakes. I even had the privilege of sailing in the Americas Cup Fleet in San Diego when Dennis Conner sailed his Catamaran and won. I sure would like to get back to it but not sure when.

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