West Coast Here We Come!


Another day is done as we inch closer to the end of the charter season. August 2nd will be our last charter before we take a much needed three month break. What will we do?

We’re hauling our boat out of the water for the remainder of Hurricane Season and Betsy, Peter and I will be flying back to the States for the first time in THREE YEARS!

We’ll visit family and friends in California for a few weeks first, then we’ll drive up to Washington to see more family and friends, then we’ll be finishing up our travels in Tampa, FL to see my sister. We’ve been talking about some exciting ideas for what to do with the time between CA and WA but I can’t tell you quite yet. If the timing happens to work out, we could be in store for an absolutely epic adventure ;)

In the meantime, we’re trying to prep our boat and do as much decommissioning now as we can so the actual haul out process goes quickly. We’ve got today off work and one more day off scheduled. Our timing is going to be very tight:

August 2 – Last Charter

August 3 – Take the boat up to Virgin Gorda and stage for hauling

August 4 – Haul the boat at 9:30am

August 5 – Be in St. Thomas by 10:45am, Vet appointment at 11:30, Airport arrival by 2:00, Depart by 5pm

August 6 – Arrive in LAX by 1:00am


We’ll return to our boat in Mid October for some TLC before diving into another busy charter season on Aristocat beginning November 1.

If you’ll be anywhere between San Diego and the greater Seattle Area from August to October… let us know!

Also, we’re looking to buy a truck or SUV in LA or San Diego, most importantly to have transportation to visit everyone, but also to haul a motorcycle trailer up to Washington in September, then sell both the truck and trailer before we fly home. Let us know if you’re selling a comfortable V6 truck or SUV with a tow package in LA or SD!

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  1. Josh says:

    Is the objective to sell a trailer that you already own, but to sell it for some reason, in Seattle, or are you actually transporting a motorcycle?

    Our family is in Portland, OR, and we make our way up to Seattle from time to time to charter day sails out of Shilshole marina. Would love to connect with you guys if the timing works out. I met Brittany, Scott and the girls briefly in Nanny Cay when we were there for a charter in February.

    Either way, wishing you the best of luck in your haul out and travels.

    • Hi Josh! Peter used to transport motorcycles in this enclosed trailer but right now it’s holding a bunch of our stuff that we left in California three years ago (xmas decorations, photo albums, and a few pieces of furniture). It’s been sitting in CA but we’ve just brought all the stuff inside up to my dads place in Washington and then we’ll sell the trailer after emptying it. We wanted a comfy ride for all the driving we’re doing plus something that could tow the trailer :)

      Unfortunately we didn’t stop long in Oregon but it would have been great to connect!

  2. Haley says:

    Hope you’ve enjoyed your down time! It’s important to get some time off to regroup and get away for awhile. Seems counterintuitive for those who aren’t used to it. “Oh, you’re already in paradise, aren’t you? Why would you need to get away?” At the end of a day, a job is a job, no matter how glamorous it may appear to the outside world and it can be even more stressful when it’s literally a 24/7 job that you can’t get away from in season. Look forward to reading about your upcoming charter season!

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