1. Aunt Penny says:

    Jody, love the new map! I was just looking at a large world map trying to see where in the world you are. One thing that would be fun is to see all the places you have been on the map, and maybe where you are headed next…so many friends and family love to tune in and follow your adventures! Congrats to Peter, Love you, Aunt Penny

  2. Technical question:
    Since you apparently are on the Internet regularly, are you using Wifi while in port, or maybe an onboard satellite link like HughesNET? Just curious … planning, researching, for a move/change in the not-too-distant future.

    Also, email … do you use Internet only? Do you have a PacketNet shortwave set up so you can receive email regularly, even when at sea?


    • Hi Rich,
      It depends on which country we are in. Sometimes it’s worth it to by a local sim card and data plan to use with our unlocked smart phone, then boost internet to the laptop. Other times we rely on a free or monthly hotspot service wifi signal with our long range wifi booster. Here in the USVI we have a regular AT&T phone/data plan with limited data every month.

      We use regular web based email. We have an SSB with a pactor modem but don’t want to pay for an emails service to send and receive email through the SSB when we’re rarely off shore long enough to need it. If we cross an ocean we would have a satellite phone and consider the email services for the SSB. Hope that helps!

  3. Rob says:

    Love your site – and have recently read it from the beginning. I’m hoping we’ll one day be able to do the very same thing.

    Quick feedback on the new look. I love the look, but the navigation is much more difficult, especially for someone catching up like I’ve been doing and who wants to read more than one blog post at a time. Personally, I would rather not have the Read More links, just have the whole post in one spot. And maybe I’m just missing it, but where is the navigation to the archive? I can’t find it.

    Thanks again for all of this work. It’s very inspiring.

    • Hi Rob! Glad to hear you found our stories interesting enough to read them all ;)

      I definitely appreciate the feedback. If you go to “Fun Stuff” at the top of the site under the logo, there is a sub menu with a lot more info including the “search our site” page. That page has all the different ways to find posts on our site including archives, tags, search bars, etc. The home page also has a link to the very first post to start at the beginning. Of course if you are on a mobile screen, you’ll have to click the menu graphic toward the top which looks like three horizontal bars in order to see the menu. This is pretty standard for a lot of mobile sites.

      You can always click on the ‘title’ of any post to open it in a dedicated post view. That goes for most blog sites as well. If you expand on the ‘read more’ link for any post, it will open the post in this dedicated post view, and at the bottom of the post you will be able to navigate to ‘newer’ and ‘older’ posts with arrows to the left and right. These arrows have always been available :)

      I understand the concern with wanting to see everything instead of ‘read more’ links, but I am also trying to be conscious of the readers who are bandwidth-limited like myself ;) That way they don’t have to load a whole page of 100 photos if they aren’t ready to.

      If you have any other questions I’m happy to help! Best wishes on your cruising plans and I hope you’ll be able to get out here sooner rather than later!

      • Rob says:

        Thanks Jody. I figured having to click Read More was an attempt to manage photo downloads. You certainly include A LOT of photos, but that’s one of my favorite parts of your blog. Again, thanks for sharing your adventures with us. Best of luck!

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