Second Sail Aboard SV Mary Christine

Another gorgeous day out on Charlotte Harbor!! We were absolutely thrilled when Jan and David ( wanted to go sailing with us again. The forecast looked promising and we decided to head out on Friday around noon. The sun was warm and we had 10-15 knot winds all afternoon. We were going 6 knots without even putting up the main sail!



Gunner loves when we are motoring through the channel out of the marina. He gets so many good smells and just loves to be out in the sunshine.


We also got a chance to play around with our newest toy. Santa came early and brought me a new Nikon D3200 DSLR!! I have a lot to learn!


Betsy kept a close watch on the flock of white pelicans on the sand bar as we came out of the marina. She is quite confident of herself when cruising around on deck. We still haven’t put up the lifeline netting yet but having the new harnesses on the dogs was so reassuring this time while we were under way. Having the second hip lift handle is amazing when the dogs were almost out of reach, but we can still grab onto their little butts and keep them from going any further in the wrong direction. A new post about the harnesses is coming soon, but we are just beside ourselves with excitement over how awesome they are in so many different applications. Check out our Products & Services page for a preview on where to find them!



Betsy loves having friends aboard when we are sailing! There’s always a lap for her to sit in.

All in all, it was another magical day on the water, ever reminding us how lucky we are to be starting this amazing journey. Every time we take the boat out our confidence and experience both increase exponentially and our smiles grow even bigger :) We believe everything happens for a reason and it all just keeps falling into place. We keep meeting amazing friends and hearing the most inspiring stories. Although it might be hard for some of you to grasp, selling everything to move aboard a sailboat and cruise the world feels like exactly what our little family was supposed to do!! 








  1. Your dogs are beautiful! I love when people have mismatched dogs. It is so much more interesting that way. When we first brought Riley on board he was a mess, shaking and generally nervous. Each time he’s gone for a sail he gets better and better. He absolutely hates when the motor is on though.

    • Thanks Kelley! We ran the engine quite a few times before taking the dogs out sailing and it doesn’t seem to bother them much. We’ve only had them up in the cockpit while under way though. Does Riley sleep most of the time under way or is he more interested in whats going on?

  2. Mark & Stacy says:

    Great Pictures Jodi, what a wonderful gift to have a new camera, you will sure use it! I loved to see the houses on the channel absolutely gorgeous.The dogs have become quite the first mates, they appear really comfortable and enjoy being on the water, the harnesses look pretty awesome. Yesterday I met a patient who shared with me that she and her husband live full time on their boat near Portland for the past 12 years they absolutely love the lifestyle and the traveling they have experienced, was fun to share your story with her and see her joy of sailing! It is snowing her about 2 inches and falling, cold but beautiful!! Always love your adventures, congrats on second voyage big hugs and kisses to all!!

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