Tiny House Blog: A Life Less Ordinary

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Our friends Wes and Elizabeth were a bit hesitant at first to stay in our tiny floating home but once they arrived it didn’t take long for them to see why we’re so happy living this life less ordinary.

“They shared how the most surprising part of their visit was learning how easy it is to live simply.”

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  1. Rich Allcorn says:

    Why is it when I mention doing … what you do, and moving to live onboard, there are those “experienced sailors” who try and discourage me. Yet, all of those who are still doing what you do swear that it’s the very best way of life? I am beginning to think that the reason they are “not at sea” when we talk is because they didn’t cut it, or it just wasn’t for them.

    Keep pressing on with “the dream”!

    Rich Allcorn

  2. Rich says:

    Looking forward to it …

    We’ve already got a name for the boat, secured the domain, the facebook page, the twitter, the Youtube account, etc. and are planning for the financial end of it to happen in the next 3 years! It won’t happen fast enough for me!!!

    soon to be: sv Faith, Hope & Love

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