Tiny House Blog: Helpful Tips For Downsizing (PART 3)


The third and final part to my Helpful Tips For Downsizing series has just published on Tiny House Blog!

If you or anyone you know could use a little hope and inspiration for beginning the process of downsizing or organizing, please take a moment to consider the tips and tools I’ve described in Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. (Click each link for the individual posts).


If you missed the announcement on how I became part of the Tiny House community, click <HERE>!


Did you find this article helpful? Please share it with anyone you know that might need a little help getting organized.

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  1. Valerie Winters says:

    Enjoying your downsizing articles. I have shared them with my friend who is leaving a ranch/house and moving to a 2 bedroom small home. I have lived a downsized life for years and find it so refreshing and freeing. I am moving into an RV, so another downsize is in order. I have scanned all my deceased mothers photos (8,000), my documents and photos on a portable scanner. I have made discs and sent to family members. They can now enjoy them too. If I lose my photos/documents, I can always get them from family.

    Blessings on your lifestyle. Sorry about your latest scare. God Bless.

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