We’re in Tiny House Magazine!

Several weeks ago Tiny House Magazine contacted us to write an article for their April issue. We were delighted to contribute and share with the Tiny House community what it’s like to live in a tiny floating home. While our home may not be as small as some of the others described in their magazine, we can definitely relate to all the simplicities of living in a confined space.

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“Tiny House Magazine features prominent leaders in the tiny house world. The magazine is interactive and will include videos, etc. People living in tiny homes will be featured. Tips for living in small places, questions and answers about downsizing. Tiny homes for sale, workshops, etc.” -THM

Tiny House Magazine is not available in print format. If you are interested in reading the entire April issue or past and future issues, they are available for purchase on your iphone/ipad from the iTunes store or downloadable as a PDF. For viewing on a Kindle, follow this link.


  1. Aunt Penny says:

    Jody, what a wonderful article(perhaps a 1st chapter in your up coming book??;) you have such a warm and dreamy way of pulling us all in and wanting to join you all on that slow journey in the sun. We love you, and are so happy you are happy!

  2. Jeanne Frostad says:

    Fabulous! You are living the dream! Best part is that you are truly enjoying each day. Hugs, Love you more, Bean

  3. julie says:

    great article Jody! can’t wait to hear more about your adventures. Pilfer a sandollar for me please. you four are true pirates of the caribbean. lovelovelove see you soon xoxo

  4. Amy, Skeeter, and Momo the cat says:

    Hi Jody and Peter! We are on a very similar journey to yours, and really enjoy reading your blog. We recently bought our 1985 Whitby 42 (S/V Salt Whistle) in the Virgin Islands, and are currently getting it fixed up to cruise down island, and hopefully around the world some day. If all goes well, we plan to begin our journey down-island in January of next year. I actually just set up our website and started blogging just a few days ago. If you’re interested, our site is http://www.saltwhistlesailing.com

    Do you plan to make it to the Virgin Islands on your journey? It is very likely our paths may cross. It would be great to bounce ideas off each other once in a while if you are willing, since we are on a similar journey in practically the same boat! All the best on your journey! Smooth sailing :)

    • Hi Amy, Skeeter and Momo!! I apologize for the late reply… we finally made it to the VI’s!! At Tortola now and heading to Virgin Gorda within the next few days. Sending you a message on your site now :)

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