Bath time!


It’s bath time once a month for our pups. I’m sure this will be happening much more frequently once they are swimming everyday in the salt water :) It just takes a little patience and a little love.


Both dogs got a good brushing from their daddy and Gunner gets a treat so he’ll be good for the deshedding process. Its amazing how much they shed and this is not good when you’re a liveaboard. If you’re not careful, the dog hair will fall into the bilge and could clog up the pump. Although oblivious to it, we don’t want the boat to start smelling like ‘DOG’ :)


We try to pick a sunny and warm day so they dry quicker after bath time. As long as Gunner has a treat or toy to chew on he entertains himself while Betsy gets groomed.




Every once in a while Gunner looks back to make sure the hose isn’t coming his way again…



Then back to the bone :)


Betsy is pretty tolerant of the whole process. She knows that when she’s all clean she gets to snuggle under the covers with her daddy! Spoiled girl.



Both puppies get their nails trimmed and ears cleaned after their bath and Betsy gets real excited when we tell her she has “pretty nails” :)

Next bath time will be on the aft deck at anchor, place warm where the coconuts grow…


  1. Pamela says:

    So you have to calculate fresh water rinses in your water usage calculations, I guess. Rinsing everyone off whenever you finish swimming should do a lot to keep your cabin dry. At least that’s what my friends who sailed with their dog for 7 years told me.

    Good thing Betsy and Gunner are such good bathers. :)

    • Pamela, Luckily we have a 200 gallon per day water maker :) As soon as we get out to cleaner water we will have plenty of fresh water for rinsing :) Hopefully the weather will get warmer as soon as we leave here! It’s way too cold for swimming in Florida :(

  2. Myron says:

    Hola sv Mary Christine! Just found your blog from my wife’s pinterest pins and we are enjoying it immensely. Nice to see another younger cruising couple!

    We actually did the mirror image you guys did, we bought a ketch in L.A. and drove across from Fl!

    Anyway, best of luck with everything and you can check us out at our blog if you have time.

    Myron & Samantha sv Discovery

    • Hi Myron and Samantha! So cool you found us through Pinterest! And we are glad to hear you’re enjoying our blog :) It’s crazy, we haven’t even left the dock for good yet! There are so many more adventures to come! I’ll definitely check out your site :)

  3. Steve and Jude says:

    Great talking to you guys today. Glad to finally see the blog. Let me know if you have more questions, You are having the time of your lives, we know cause we’ve been there. It’s great to relive it through your eyes. Safe sailing, I’d say keep the wind at your back, but I know that’s almost impossible because it switch’s to the bow no matter which direction you go.
    Steve and Jude

    • Steve and Jude,
      So glad you checked out the blog :) We cannot thank you enough for the care and love you poured into this boat! We will take good care of her and we know she will take better care of us! We are so excited to follow in your footsteps and its so fun to explore your breadcrumbs :) We’d love to have you aboard again someday!

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