UPDATE 2.10.22
We’re still in St Thomas USVI! Our two kids stay very busy exploring around our home at Sapphire Marina.


  1. allan weidner says:

    80/80/80 encapsulates my appreciation for the Sea of Cortez, left work today because it was cold slightly snowing and felt like making plans for the tropics

  2. J Fairfax says:

    Are you anchored? DOES THE MARINE RESERVE CHARGE YOU? i used to live in St T…Now on a sailboat and in Isla.Mujeres, MX…up from Rio Dulce, GT….Are you happy with being there for Hur season?
    PS: Great blog!!

  3. matt.aydt@gmail.com says:

    Fish and Lime was my first stop in Tortola for Caribe’s waiting for a buddy to catch up to the boat after he missed a flight. Almost a year ago to the day. Enjoy the stay!

  4. Jeff Grant says:

    Been following you on FB for years. Are you going to update your location. I know you have been through a lot.
    We too admire the courage and strength you posses.
    We hope to be there one day.

  5. Steve says:

    Hi – you could try embedding the noforeignland.com map and it’ll track your position automatically using AIS, Sat phone, Iridium GO!, email….. there’s hundreds of boats using it and it’s all free :)

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