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    • Hi Dennis, no we haven’t had any trouble yet. We try to keep them inside the dinghy as much as possible where we have an aluminum floor. We don’t have any scratches yet on the tubes. The chaps idea is nice, but a little low on our priority list right now. We’ll see how it goes once we start getting them in and out of the water ;) Stay tuned!

  1. wes says:

    hey guys. just spent a good while reading your blog…what an amazing experience. So few poeple get your opp in a lifetime. Please email me as i would really like to fly out and try to spend some time with you. Be safe. Keep writing!!!! Your awesome at it! Please take more pics of larger creatures, pigs, whales, turtles and sharks, etc.

  2. wes tielens says:

    good job peter. youre a true pirate… Come back with only one eye and no one will say your trip just a dream. lol

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